a message on Mission

Hello Trinity!

Did you know that in a few weeks we will likely see one of our biggest days at Trinity? Christmas Sunday is a big day for two   reasons. First, it’s huge for Christians as we gather to remember and celebrate Jesus breaking into the world to rescue sinners. Second, it’s big because Christmas is one of the most popular Sundays to attend church. Believers and non-believers will pack churches all over the world on Christmas Sunday. Why is that?

First, many people have some history in church and feel nostalgic for a traditional Christmas holiday. They remember happier times when mom and dad were still together, grandma was still alive, or the brothers and sisters were always around.   Church was just one of many traditions that was packed into the Christmas week. For these folks church goes well with Christmas cookies, eggnog, presents, Christmas movies, and snowball fights. Tradition and nostalgia are powerful forces in our lives.

Second, many people attend on Christmas because they want to feel connected to God. Perhaps they consider themselves Christians but Christmas and Easter are the only times they attend church.  This genuine desire to be a “good” Christian and attend church at least once a year to celebrate Jesus feels like an important duty, a way to still feel connected to Jesus.

Third, some attend on Christmas because they are attracted to the idea of the idealized American Christmas. For these folks, Christmas traditions were not learned from church attendance or from God’s Word. Rather, they see every year on TV and in movies that church has something to do with the perfect Christmas season. They may visit a church as a “tourist,” looking to add something different to their Christmas traditions.

Finally, many Christians who find church important to their lives all year will make a special point to not miss on theologically important days like Easter and Christmas. Therefore, more regular attenders will worship together on Christmas as well.

What should we do with this information?

Invite someone to church! At all times many people are willing to attend a new church on the arm of a trusted friend, and during the Christmas season that becomes even more true! Whether they are after tradition and nostalgia, a dwindling connection to God, or even if they are “tourists,” God wants them to hear the Gospel, and we want them at Trinity! 

At Christmas we celebrate God the Son coming to rescue those who repent and trust in Him. Is there a better way to celebrate God’s rescue than to participate in it by inviting someone to hear the Gospel? Let’s take advantage of this time of year that is ripe for evangelism. Please pray that God will show you someone to invite to Trinity this Holiday season.

Let’s celebrate and participate!

In Christ,

Pastor Jordan